Actor Matthew Broderick avoids wasting money on wrapping paper each year by concealing his children's Christmas presents in pots and pans.
The Producers star has grown so exhausted by the stress of the holiday season, he's simplified the process by using everyday cookware to maintain the element of surprise for his three children, James, nine, and twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, two.
His wife, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, reveals, "I set up a small workshop in a jerry-rigged gym in our basement, in a dungeon, and I'm down there for hours growing more and more bitter and resentful... And then Matthew, who is brilliant and clever, moseys on down in a pair of well-worn slippers and goes to the kitchen and gets a pot and a lid and he puts the gift in the pot and he covers it with the lid and it goes under the tree.
"And the children are so charmed by this, they are delighted by the ingenuity, by the whimsy of it...The first year he did I was like, 'That's brilliant, that's brilliant!' and now I've become bitter. But it's sort of a tradition."