The Producers star was in college when he visited Europe for a once-in-a-lifetime trip with his friend, but the trek took a turn for the worse when the two pals realised they had no way of getting back to the U.S.

The ensuing drama included a hitchhiking trip across Ireland after the two lost Americans pleaded with an ambassador at the American embassy in England to help them.

Broderick recalls, "We had these tickets where it was like (you get on) a boat and a train and another boat and another train and its all prepaid and you have the whole thing and you have your one little credit card for emergencies... We got to Amsterdam and we had a great time and we got on the boat to get back to London to cross London on the train to get back to another boat and on that boat I somehow lost the emergency credit card and Kenny lost (everything).

"When we were getting off the boat they said, 'You can't get off the boat if you don't have a ticket; you have to go back to Amsterdam...' (Finally) they let us go, but we had no money. So we were wandering around England and I tried to call my parents and the phone didn't work...

"We went to the embassy and they were like, 'It's the weekend', and we were like, 'We have nothing, we're American and we heard there's a weekend fund for stranded travellers, we would like that money please'. The ambassador said, 'I don't think there is a fund like that and if there is, that's all gone. I don't have any money in this place'. We were so sad and we kept talking to him for so long he was like, 'I'm going to personally give you 20 pounds...'

"We got to Ireland, (where my parents were vacationing), and we still had no money to get home... so we hitched for about 18 hours and somebody took us (to a location where my dad could pick us up)..."