The star admits he felt cheated when he learned Brando was listening to his secretary recite his lines to him through an earpiece during their scenes together.

He says, "He had an earpiece, everybody knows this, his secretary would read his dialogue to him from a quiet room somewhere...

"So you would speak and there would be (a pause) and then he would say, 'Stop hold on, you have to tell me my line while he's speaking. If you wait till he's finished to give me my next line there's going to be this terrible pause...' - and he would be looking at you, by the way.

"(He was) the greatest actor of all time, arguably, and I'd be like, 'God, this the greatest acting experience I've had'. I really felt that acting with him, and then one night as I laid in bed thinking how great my life was I realised, 'My God, he's not listening to me when I talk; he's not even hearing me'."