Matt Reeves has been working on his script for his standalone superhero movie 'The Batman' for some time now, and the filmmaker looks set to bring a whole new Caped Crusader on board when his film eventually hits the big screen. Right now, Ben Affleck is the man behind the cowl within the unofficially-titled DC Extended Universe, and whilst the actor was not only going to lead 'The Batman' at one point, but write, produce and direct the movie, he dropped out and handed over the reins to Reeves.

Matt Reeves is said to have handed in the first script for 'The Batman'Matt Reeves is said to have handed in the first script for 'The Batman'

Rumours followed that Affleck wanted out of his role as Batman altogether, but lately, there has been more positive news in regards to Affleck's position within the DCEU than negative. Still, that hasn't stopped Reeves from moving on from the star, if a new report from The Hollywood Reporter is to be believed.

The article states that "the first act of a new screenplay" was handed in by Reeves recently, with the film's focus being on "a young caped crusader", meaning that an entirely new actor would have to come on board to play the World's Greatest Detective.

Affleck first made his debut as the Dark Knight in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', and whilst the film wasn't everybody's favourite superhero adventure, his performance as a Bruce Wayne in his 40s was lauded by critics and the wider viewing public.

Hopefully, Affleck's future within the DCEU is a lengthy one, and bringing in another Batman will be simply for the standalone 'The Batman'. Seeing the star go out in this way would be disheartening, and another nail in the DCEU's coffin.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding Reeves' solo Batman movie as and when we get it. No release date for 'The Batman' has yet been announced.