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Zoe Kravitz Felt 'Silly' In Her Batman Audition

Zoe Kravitz felt ''silly'' auditioning alongside Robert Pattinson in her Catwoman costume.The pair will star in 'The Batman' - which features Pattinson as DC Comics hero The Caped Crusader and Zoe Selina Kyle and her...

Paul Dano: The Batman Script Is 'Really Powerful'

Paul Dano says that Matt Reeves' script for 'The Batman' is ''really powerful''.The 35-year-old actor is to play the role of The Riddler in the new superhero flick, which also stars Robert Pattinson and Zoe...

Zoe Kravitz: The Batman Can't Be Filmed With Social Distancing

Zoe Kravitz says filming on 'The Batman' cannot resume if social distancing measures are in place.The 31-year-old actress plays Catwoman in Matt Reeves' DC Comics movie and, like most movies, filming on the project has...

Robert Pattinson: It's Satisfying To Explore More Of Batman

Robert Pattinson thinks it is ''satisfying'' to explore more ground in 'The Batman'.The 33-year-old movie star - who is playing the title character in the Matt Reeves remake - decided to take on the role...

Andy Serkis Says The Batman Will Be 'Darker' Than Previous Movies

Andy Serkis thinks 'The Batman' will be ''darker'' than previous incarnations of the superhero.The 56-year-old actor has teased details of what fans can expect from the Matt Reeves-directed project, which will see Andy star as...

Zoe Kravitz Training For Catwoman In Lockdown

Zoe Kravitz has been training hard during lockdown in preparation of her role as Catwoman in 'The Batman'.The 'Big Little Lies' star is playing the role of Gotham City burglar Selina Kyle in Matt Reeves's...

Matt Reeves Wants To Put His Own Spin On Batman

Matt Reeves is determined to put his own spin on Batman.The 53-year-old filmmaker has been hired to direct 'The Batman' - but Matt has admitted he's eager to create a superhero movie that's distinct from...

Matt Reeves Wants Broken Batman

Robert Pattinson's Batman will not be ''fully formed'', according to director Matt Reeves. The 53-year-old filmmaker is helming the latest cinematic take on the Caped Crusader, 'The Batman', and wants his version of the character...

Matt Reeves Reportedly Focusing On Younger Batman In His Dc Movie

Matt Reeves has been working on his script for his standalone superhero movie 'The Batman' for some time now, and the filmmaker looks set to bring a whole new Caped Crusader on board when his...

Matt Reeves Signs Exclusive Netflix Deal

Having made a name for himself on movies such as 'War For The Planet Of The Apes', and with big projects in the works such as the upcoming film 'The Batman', director Matt Reeves is...

War For The Planet Of The Apes Beats Of Competition At Box Office

It was a busier weekend than usual at the box office with two monumental blockbusters going head-to-head. This weekend was dominated by 'War for the Planet of the Apes' and 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', with the former...

Matt Reeves Confirms The Batman Is Starting From Scratch

The DC Extended Universe has been in a state of limbo since Ben Affleck shocked the masses by walking away from the director's chair for The Batman, though things seem to be getting themselves back...

Matt Reeves Confirmed To Direct 'The Batman'

The rumours were true – Warner Bros. has indeed brought in director Matt Reeves to helm the next solo Batman movie, thereby securing the immediate future of one of the studio’s most important comic book...

Is Matt Reeves Going From 'Planet Of The Apes' To 'The Batman'?

Last week Ben Affleck announced he was stepping down as director of the upcoming Batman solo movie.Now, according to reports, the project might have found itself a new helmer, Planet of the Apes director Matt...

J.j Abrams Was 'Blown Away' By Andy Serkis

J.J Abrams was so 'blown away' by Andy Serkis' performance in 'Dawn Of The Plant Of The Apes' that he cast him in 'Star Wars: Episode VII''.The 48-year-old producer was shown footage of the film...

Toby Kebbell Lied About 'Dentist Appointment' For Audition

Toby Kebbell told his employers he had a dentist appointment when he needed time off to audition for 'Dawn of the Planet Apes'.The 31-year-old star plays Koba in the forthcoming sci-fi film and he...

James Franco To Appear In Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes?

James Franco is set to appear in 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'.The 36-year-old actor starred as Will Rodman in 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' and although his character was not set...

'We Are What We Are' Is No Straight Hollywood Remake

American remakes of foreign gems are fairly common, and most only slightly veer from the original. Matt Reeves' Let Me In (2010) is an almost shot-for-shot remake of the 2008 Swedish hit Let the Right...

Mission Impossible 5 Searching For New Director

Mission Impossible 5 is likely to go-ahead - with Tom Cruise once again in the leading role - but 'Ghost Protocol' director Brad Bird insists he is unlikely to return to the hot-seat because of...

Jj Abrams Is 'The Next Steven Spielberg'

Jj Abrams, the American film director and producer, has been dubbed "the next Steven Spielberg" by GQ Magazine. Jj Abrams, whose new movie 'Super 8' officially opens in theatres today (10th June 2011) is being...

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