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19th September 2016

Quote: "I saw the first season and I kinda fell out of touch with it. And I guess that's when she started getting naked. So I need to catch up." Matt LeBlanc admitted he's behind on watching new acquaintance Emilia Clarke's hit TV series Game of Thrones, but now has a reason to watch.

11th August 2016

Quote: "I love that guy... We spent a lot of time together. I can not see him for five years and then put me in a room with him and it'd be like I saw him yesterday." Matt LeBlanc on his friendship with Friend's co-star Matthew Perry.

1st August 2016

Fact: Actress Liza Snyder has been cast as Matt LeBlanc's TV wife in upcoming sitcom Man with a Plan. Jenna Fischer had previously landed the female lead, but after shooting the pilot, bowed out of the show in May (16) due to a lack of chemistry between the former The Office star and Friends funnyman LeBlanc.

27th May 2016

Quote: "I did it the first time to promote (TV series) Episodes and went around the track, which went pretty good, and I went back again in a new car to see if I could beat my old record... I was asked if I'd like to be part of it. It sounded cool and I wasn't doing anything else! It’s a lot of fun... The show is a lot bigger than I thought it was. It's an international juggernaut of a show - it’s massive." Matt LeBlanc on co-hosting the new season of motoring show Top Gear, which premieres in the U.K. on Sunday (29May16), and then appears in 83 countries.

11th August 2015

Quote: "She's like, 'When can Rihanna come over to the house...?' and so I'll say, 'It's funny you should say that because she swung by today while you were at school and she was pretty disappointed that you weren't here... She left a note somewhere'." Former FRIENDS star Matt LeBlanc loves to play tricks on his 11-year-old daughter, who is a massive Rihanna fan.

24th June 2014

Quote: "The part is this very quiet, optimistic writer - very sort of timid - and Damian Lewis is not like that at all... He came in and read it, and it sounded like two guys about to go out and get into a bar fight! He was like, 'I don't think I'm right for this'." Matt LeBlanc reveals even Homeland star Damian Lewis knew he was the wrong man for the role of Sean in Tv comedy Extras. The part eventually went to comedian Stephen Mangan.

27th May 2014

Quote: "I never wanted to run from Joey. I'm proud of him, not ashamed. He changed my life. I'm not the kind of guy to do Hamlet at the Globe theatre. It just doesn't sound like fun to me. If nothing else comes along for me, so be it. I've had my fair share of success. Anything else is just gravy." Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc embraces the onscreen character that made him famous.

25th April 2014

Quote: "It's unbelievable. It would be great if it worked both ways, but Americans can't get parts over here and the English come over there and get parts left and right." Actor Matt LeBlanc jokes about the growing number of British stars in Hollywood.

26th February 2014

Quote: "The weirdest thing was walking into a room, a restaurant, a bar, a movie theater, anywhere there's a lot of people, and everybody sort of stopping what they're doing and taking notice you're in the room. And they know you, or they think they do... but they're all strangers to you." Matt LeBlanc on the hysteria surrounding him and the cast during the height of Friends' popularity.

26th February 2014

Quote: "I can think of a lot worse problems to have than being stuck with people's perceptions of Joey. If people think that's who I am, then I've done my job. Now I'm pigeonholed as an a**hole version of myself. But that's fun." Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc doesn't mind fans labelling him as dim-witted like his persona on the beloved sitcom.

11th August 2012

Quote: "There's this part of me that would love to believe that this big hairy dude is running around... looking for trash, or whatever." Actor Matt Le Blanc is fascinated by the Big Foot legend.

10th August 2012

Quote: "London's funny in the summer time because the weather is so foul so often (that) when the sun does come out you see these pasty English people just peeling their clothes off." Former Friends star Matt Le Blanc on the strangest thing about filming TV show Episodes in England.

11th February 2011

Quote: "I kinda like it." Actor Matt LeBlanc has no qualms about his actress girlfriend Andrea Anders kissing former FRIENDS co-star Matthew Perry on his new TV comedy Mr. Sunshine.

14th January 2011

Quote: "I have a cattle ranch up north of Santa Barbara and I take her all the time at weekends. We don't watch TV. We go and ride horses and watch calves being born." Actor Matt LeBlanc ensures his daughter MARINA enjoys outdoor pursuits when they visit his sprawling California property.

14th January 2011

Quote: "My daughter's education is paid for. Her grandchildren's education is paid for. My mother's house is paid off. My father's house is paid off. My house is paid off. I come from a blue collar background, and there's nothing in my upbringing that prepares you for that." Actor Matt LeBlanc is spending his FRIENDS fortune wisely.

30th July 2010

Quote: "If people really believe me as that character, I have done my job. I don't look on it as a negative thing. I take it as a compliment." Former FRIENDS star Matt LeBlanc doesn't get annoyed by fans who greet him with his character's famous catch phrase, 'How you doin?'.

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