Matt LeBlanc was reportedly left ‘badly shaken’ and needed to take a break from filming, after nearly running over a ‘Top Gear’ cameraman. LeBlanc was behind the wheel of a Porsche, which he had been taking for a test spin during a break in shooting, but did not realise a crew member was lying down filming at ground-level.

Matt LeBlancMatt LeBlanc was left shaken after a close call during ‘Top Gear’ filming.

A show insider told The Mirror: “In between filming, Matt got into a Porsche they’d been road testing, turned on the ignition and was about to take it for a drive. But he was completely unaware one of the cameramen was lying down alongside it at ground level, filming low shots.”

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“The crew member was completely oblivious Matt was about to speed off too, – but a tracking cameraman, who was sat in the distance, could see what was about to happen and started waving and screaming at Matt to stop.”

“Matt was a bit confused but got out of the car. When he realised he could have run the man over he was noticeably shaken up. He said he needed a bit of time out. He reappeared a few hours later, wanting to know that the cameraman was OK – which he was. He said, ‘Where’s that guy I nearly ran over?’”

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“It was one of those instances where, if the tracking man and Matt had reacted even a few seconds later, it could have been really serious. Both of them appreciated what a lucky escape it was.” The incident was said to have happened last month when LeBlanc was filming in South Africa.