Matt LeBlanc's family outing to the zoo ended in giggles after two frisky giraffes started mating in front of his daughter.

The 46-year-old actor got to a lot more than he imagined when he took Marina, nine, and his mother Patricia to see animals at a wildlife park.

The trio and other visitors were enjoying seeing the giraffes up close when the male decided it was time to have some fun of his own with his animal partner prompting Matt to cover his daughter's eyes.

During an appearance on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', he said: ''We went to the giraffe exhibit and you know, you are looking at these big giant giraffes and everybody is going, 'Ooh wow.' All the way around the fence they are people lined up with their kids and the daddy giraffe is feeling a little frisky with the mummy giraffe. I look around and it was really funny though, so you know I'm covering Marina's eyes and I look around and it was the funniest image. All the way along the fence is an adult with a hand over a child's eyes. One-two one-two one-two, all the way round! It was pretty funny.''

The former 'Friends' star - who had Marina with his ex-wife, former model Melissa McKnight - didn't worry about his mum Patricia seeing the animals getting intimate as she found the unusual incident hilarious.

He explained: ''She was laughing, my mum is one of those people that whenever anything gets a little weird or a sticky situation, no pun intended, she just laughs hysterically. Just crying and laughing, going, 'Oh my God. What is going on?' ''