It's a good job Matt LeBlanc wasn't around in the old days! Although it is a great privilege to meet Prince William and Harry, the 'Friends' alumni didn't let this stop him from dropping the f-bomb on the royal family members.

Matt Le Blanc
LeBlanc met the royal duo at a polo game in England

While appearing on Conan O'Brien's TBS show on Tuesday night (Jan 13th), LeBlanc recalled meeting the two princes at a polo match in England, where he spends around three months a year shooting 'Episodes.'

The 47-year-old waited in a long queue to meet the royal pair, but when he eventually got face-to-face with them, William and Harry will only interested in asking him when a 'Friends' reunion will take place.

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"I went to this exhibition polo match one time, The princes were there and they were playing... I went to this thing. You get invited by the royals, you go," he told the host. "There was a big line to go and meet them afterward. So I went and I got in line and met the princes... both of them, William and Harry."

But when LeBlanc finally reached them, he said, "All they wanted to know is, 'When is the 'Friends' reunion?'"

"What'd you tell them?" O'Brien asked. "I told them to F-off," LeBlanc quipped.