Anderson Cooper

Lauer, Lauer: Were we all fed a pack of lies this week in a report suggesting Matt Lauer almost jumped ship to ABC after the Anne Curry scandal? Either way, it looks as though his time on 'Today' could be up, with NBC bosses eyeing Anderson Cooper as a replacement. Good idea?

Stolen Script Alert! Watch out Breaking Bad fans, there may be season five spoilers out there after actor Bryan Cranston has his new script stolen from his car in Los Angeles this week!

Ear's A Story:  Worrying news from Newcastle, England this week where Game Of Thrones actor Clive Mantle had his ear bitten off at a Travelodge. The British actor was trying to get some sleep after performing at a local theatre, though one rowdy guest had other ideas. 

Jim Carrey

Cold Dead Hand: Jim Carrey really got under the skin of the National Rifle Association with an anti-gun sketch for Funny or Die. The Kick Ass 2 star mocked Charlton Heston and probably angered half of America in the meantime - we love it.

Spitting Image: Double celebrity-waxwork news this week! Both Emma Watson and Britney Spears had their Madame Tussauds replicas unveiled in London and New York, respectively. It's taken the Harry Potter actress five years longer than Daniel Radcliffe to a waxwork in the famous museum, though it's Britney's second time.

Say A Little Prayer: Dionne Warwick - a woman who's sold over 100 million records worldwide - has filed for bankruptcy and is reportedly $10 million in debt. It also seems Warwick is living on the breadline after shirking the interest and penalties on her owed taxes.

Lohan, Sheen, Again: Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen have shared an uncomfortable relationship in recent months. First they shot an unlikely scene together in Scary Movie 5, then Sheen lent Lohan some cash before slating her in the press.and NOW.she's appearing on Anger Management.

World War Z

Pitt Versus The World! A new trailer for Brad Pitt's World War Z emerged this week, hinting at a huge geographical expansive movie, perhaps more so than we previously assumed. Pitt tries to save the world from a zombie apocalypse - that's all you need to know.

Bieber's At It Again: Justin Bieber is beginning to become a concern. After an awful European tour, the 19-year-old pop star returned to his home in Los Angeles and immediately began causing trouble. Burning around a quiet neighbourhood at 100mph? Fighting with a neighbour? Yep, he's back. 

Video Of The Week: This week's hottest footage comes from Melrose Place, West Hollywood, where Rosie Huntington-Whiteley debuts a fresh new boho look after leaving a John Freida salon. Check it out.