Speaking at a Television Critics Association panel on Sunday, Simpsons show runner Al Jean has all but confirmed the impending death on The Simpsons will see either Bart’s favourite clown, Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski (better known as Krusty The Clown) meet his maker. Or it might be the depressed entertainer’s father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski.

Krusty The ClownKrusty The Clown

Jean said the clues were “obvious”, eluding a gasping audience towards an episode entitled “A Clown in The Dumps”. Of course, that could mean Krusty’s perennial sadness is exacerbated by the death of his father. And for anyone claiming Krustofski isn’t a "major character"… well you’d be right. But Jean did recently admit that the Springfield resident who dies isn't "iconic".

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"The character that dies is portrayed by an actor who won an Emmy for playing that character," he previously told TV Line."People who reported on it then reported we were killing an 'iconic' character; I’d like to say it’s a great character, but I never used the word 'iconic'. It’s a terrific character and it [happens in] our premiere this coming year,” he added. 

But if it is Krusty (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) that bites the dust, we’ll probably see a Bart in the dumps too. The mischievous Simpson has had the pleasure of teaming up with his clown hero on many occasions, often saving him from the brink of alcoholism and losing his job, to going up against Bart’s mortal enemy, Sideshow Bob – whom many thought would be the one to die. Alas, it’s part of the Krusty bloodline, and that’ll probably be the last death we see for a while on The Simpsons

"It turned out bigger than we thought it was going to be," Jean told the panel yesterday (July 20) of the impending death. "It's not going to be this blood bath where they all get murdered,” he added, according to The Independent.

Rabbi Krustofski with Krusty, Bart & LisaRabbi Krustofski with Krusty, Bart & Lisa