American cable network FXX struck a deal last year to buy the rights to the longest-running primetime animated series, and have now revealed that they plan to put the whole Simpsons archive online in what they have dubbed "Simpsons World". The on-demand service will give subscribers instant access to the whole back catalogue of episodes, as well as exclusive content and allow fans to create their own playlists and search a database for their favourite quotes from the show.

Simpsons"Woo hoo!" is what many Simpsons fans will surely be saying in reaction to this news

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Many avid viewers have been waiting a long time for this news, as The Simpsons is unavailable on other popular streaming services such as Netflix and Lovefilm, and only the most recent eight episodes and a myriad of short clips appear on Hulu. Simpsons executive producer Al Jean welcomed the announcement, going as far as to joke “I don’t want to over-promise, but this website can provide you with affordable health care.” 

The news comes as FXX prepare to air the longest Simpsons marathon ever on August 21st, which will see 25 seasons of the show run back-to-back, day and night, on the channel for 12 days. That's a total of 522 episodes, so fans will have to emulate their couch potato idol Homer and glue themselves to the sofa. 

However, disappointly for Britsh fans, the marathon will only be viewable in America, and there's no word yet on whether or not Simpsons World will be crossing the Atlantic.

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