Netflix are really ramping up their original content in the coming months, and will be bringing adult animated series 'Disenchantment' from Matt Groening to viewers a little later this year. Following the adventures of the rebellious Princess Bean and her two companions Elfo and Luci (an elf and demon), the series will see the unlikely trio go up against all manner of fairytale creatures on a journey of self discovery.

The gorgeous art style used in the show was something showcased this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, when Netflix dropped the first official full-length trailer for the show. You can check it out below:

A unique take on what it means to be a member of the royal family, 'Disenchantment' is the latest in a successful line of adult comedy animated shows, following in the successful path of series including 'BoJack Horseman', also exclusive to Netflix, and of course FOX's beloved 'Family Guy'.

Not only do we get a look at what to expect from the show, but there's a medieval rendition of David Bowie's 'Rebel Rebel' playing in the background of the teaser to boot. This looks to be one of the most exciting and unique shows of the year, and we can't wait to check it out.

Abbi Jacobson voices Princess Bean in the series, working alongside Eric Andre as Luci and Nat Faxon as Elfo. Billy West, John DiMaggio, and Tress MacNeille all also star in various other roles. British stars Noel Fielding and Matt Berry are now also a part of the A-list lineup.

At a time where 'The Simpsons' continues to be a success, but never really hits the high notes of its past, it's good to see Groening venturing out to do something completely different and extremely daring. Hopefully, his bravery will pay off.

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'Disenchantment' is set to come to Netflix with its first 10 episodes on August 17, 2018.