Matt Goss has rediscovered his love of sex.

The 51-year-old singer found ''physicality was tough'' after the breakdown of his last relationship because he was too worried about getting hurt, so he's thankful his ''desire'' has now returned.

He told OK! magazine: ''I want an active love life - I love to make love. But after my last relationship, physicality was tough for me. I was worried about getting hurt.

''Now I love sex for the first time in a long while. I don't sleep around but if I'm lucky enough to have sex, then I'm very grateful. It's nice to have that desire back and to wake up in the morning and feel the urge.''

And Matt feels ''more virile'' than ever before.

He said: ''I feel more virile than ever and absurdly youthful. I still attract women in their 20s.''

The Bros singer has previously dated the likes of Melanie Sykes in the early 1990s and Daisy Fuentes for a decade, but believes the true ''love of [his] life'' was a mystery woman he met after his romance with the TV presenter ended.

However, he found her jealousy ''exhausting'' and their romance ultimately ended when his beloved mother - who died in 2014 - was battling breast cancer and she showed no ''compassion''.

He said: ''[Melanie Sykes] wasn't the love of my life, as it was reported. That was the woman I met after Daisy [Duentes].

''I became very lonely in my relationship with Daisy. I'd rather be by myself and enjoy some self love than lie next to someone and feel so alone.''

Asked about the love of his life, he added: ''I really loved her so much but she didn't trust me She didn't want me to have girlfriends. I asked her to live with me hoping it would calm her down but she was still telling me who could come and go.

''When my mum was sick she had no compassion. It was exhausting. You can't control who you love but I'll never be with someone who doesn't trust me again.''