Matt Damon says 'Promised Land' is accidentally the movie-version of a Bruce Springsteen album.

The 42-year-old star wrote and acted in the drama but it was only after he completed the script and heard the iconic rocker's 'Wrecking Ball' album he realised the similarities.

Talking to The Observer Magazine, he said: ''I do view this movie, 'Promised Land', as the visual expression of his last album. It's actually eerily similar.

''I hadn't heard the album before we wrote the script, but John Krasinski and I went to hear him in Madison Square garden at the first show he did of 'Wrecking Ball' and he played the album and I went: ''F**k! That's the movie'!''

He met his idol after the show and told him the revelation, leaving the 'Born To Run' musician confused.

Matt added: ''I went back to see him afterwards and he asked: 'What are you working on?' And I said: 'It's like the movie version of your new album'.

''And he goes: 'What the f**k does that mean?' And I said: 'I don't know, man! But you've got to see this thing when it comes out. I'm telling you, it's the movie version of your album'.''

It is a political record, partly inspired by the US Civil War, and both pieces of art continue their creator's identities as everymen.

Speaking about Bruce, Matt said: ''It doesn't feel like an act. It doesn't feel like he's trying to pretend that he still has the common touch. I think he believes what he believes, and that's very real.''