Damon has been the butt of Kimmel's jokes for a decade and the comedian always ends his nightly show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, by apologising to the Oscar winner for not making time to interview him.

Kimmel also mocks the Good Will Hunting star whenever his name comes up in conversation with his co-stars and celebrity friends, and Damon often appears in humiliating skits on the show - but on Monday night's episode it appeared as if the two men were willing to work out their problems with a professional.

Damon shared how much he resented getting bumped from the show, and kept a straight face as he revealed he waits in a dressing room every day with the hope of finally getting called to Kimmel's couch.

Kimmel said, "I try to get him on the show, but we have a one hour show every night... We have other guests... I have a monologue to do, we have a band... He thinks he's the only celebrity in California."

Asked by real-life psychologist Dr. Kim Canter Berger how he thought Damon felt by all the 'snubs', Kimmel said, "I imagine it would suck to be him, I mean look at him, and he's trying to be a movie star. Look at his face and look at his body. It's not a movie star face or a movie star body."

The skit ended with Kimmel apologising to Damon, telling the actor, "I will try harder in the future to get you on the show."