Matt Damon feels he has had a lot of "luck" in his career.

The 40-year-old actor - who won an Oscar for his writing skills in 1997 movie 'Good Will Hunting' - is grateful to have had the chances he has had throughout his working life, but also feels gratitude for the jobs he didn't get.

He said: "I like to think that my choices matter, but I've had so much luck in my life that it leaves me wondering.

"It's all those things that you wish for at the time and then you realise, 'Thank God that didn't happen for me because things worked out so much better.'

"Looking back at myself at 20 going on auditions, I'm so lucky that I didn't get those parts."

Matt recently confessed he knew nothing about the fourth 'Bourne' movie - a follow-up to the previous three he has starred in as lead character Jason Bourne - and only read about it on the internet.

He said: "I read online they are doing another Jason Bourne movie with Tony Gilroy directing that I'm not in.

"No one told me, literally nobody called me. People think I have inside information, but you can get a sense of where I am in the pecking order."