A new trailer for Steven Soderbergh's forthcoming HBO drama Behind the Candelabra has hit the web, giving fans a longer look at Michael Douglas as the flamboyant piano player Liberace, and Matt Damon and his younger lover Scott Thorson. The movie is set to premiere on May 26, 2013.

Of course, the main thing to take from the latest clip is Rob Lowe's ridiculous Snookie-like tan. It's a shade of orange that we're not quite sure we've ever seen before. Elsewhere, armed with a ridiculous haircut, Matt Damon climbs out of a swimming pool wearing a tiny pair of white trunks, and both he and Douglas have a fight in a bathtub, with Thorson hurling a glass at the wall. "All I do is give and give and give!" Liberace bellows and he storms off down a hallway.

Based on Liberace's autobiographic novel, Behind The Candelabra follows the pianists 6-year tempestuous tryst with Thorson. Though the pianist - once the highest paid entertainer on the planet - never admitted to being gay, he was assumed to have been in a sexual relationship with Thorson, who had previously acted as his chauffeur. When the relationship fell apart, Thorson sued the pianist for $113 million, later being awarded a small sum out of court.