‘Mistaken For Strangers’ is a documentary focussing on the brotherly relationship between renowned rock star Matt Berninger and his metal head brother Tom, who – according to the doc – is a bit of a layabout. When Matt offers his brother a job as a roadie on the band’s European tour, he didn’t realise Tom had designs on filming the whole thing. 

Mistaken for Strangers

So hilarity, tears, realisations and revelations soon followed as both Matt and Tom learn about each other on this – cliché warning – journey of discovery. Mistaken for Strangers has already been uttered in the same sentence as Spinal Tap a few times, so you really don’t need to take our work for it. 

Far from being a soppy coming of age, underdog story, Mistaken For Strangers offers a unique insight into The National’s frontman and his personal hardships while providing the spearhead for one of the decade’s most popular bands. It’s sure to delight casual viewers and die-hard fans. 

Watch the trailer for 'Mistaken for Strangers' here

And talking of Die Hard fans, there’s a special version just for them. "There is some extra footage out there. Some of it's so bad, though!" Tom told Digital Spy, to which Matt joked: "That's what's good about it." Tom continued: "Hopefully [it'll be on the DVD]. Hopefully we can get it all in one place eventually.”Matt added: "There's gonna be a huge bonus version of it. The plan is well under way and Tom is working on it right now. There's no hope - it's definitely happening."

Mistaken for Strangers will be released in cinemas from June 27, with a special screening and live satellite Q&A in 50+ cinemas on Saturday, June 14. The Q&A with Matt and Tom will take place at London's Hackney Picturehouse, as part of the East End Film Festival, at 6.30pm. Screening details here

Mistaken for StrangersCan you guess which one Tom is?