'World War Z' is Matt Bellamy's ''favourite'' film to have created a soundtrack for.

The Muse frontman is thrilled to have recorded the music for Brad Pitt's apocalyptic film and was inspired by the ''bleak'' scenario storyline while penning the tracks for the record, returning to the original book by Max Brooks as a reference point.

Speaking to Absolute Radio from the red carpet of the movie's premiere in London yesterday (02.06.13), Matt said: ''We've done our music in films a few times but this is definitely like my favourite one I've seen so far, you know our music's been used in the film. I was reading 'World War Z' when I made the album - and I loved it - it had an influence.

''Songs like 'Survival', like 'Isolated System' - I was thinking about this kind of insane survival situation - this real bleak kind of apocalyptic scenario when I was making the album - which I tend to do anyway when I'm making albums! So it's a really great fit, it's a lovely film. Well maybe lovely's not the right word - it's a real like thrill ride, total edge of your seat - got some real scary moments.''

Matt and the rest of the band - Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme - were sure the feature would be a success since the beginning and made sure to keep in touch with the filmmakers from the early stages of production to ensure the overall piece was a ''real collaboration''.

He added: ''This is probably the biggest film we've ever done - like right from the bat we knew this was a big thing because they kept contacting us when we were making the album saying they wanted us to score the film, but we weren't available to score the film, so we stayed in touch with them and they invited me and Dom to go and see like early cuts of the film and we saw some like really crazy chaos stuff.

''I had no idea how films were made - what I saw I couldn't make sense of it and we came back and saw it again as they were editing it up and all the special effects were going in. So it was a real collaboration from the beginning to the end of this film so really glad we got the song in!''