Matt Bellamy sampled his baby's heartbeat for his new album.

The Muse frontman's fiancee Kate Hudson gave birth to their son Bingham in July 2011 and the rocker decided to record the tot's heart rhythm for the track 'Follow Me' on upcoming LP 'The 2nd Law' as a tribute to him.

He said: ''The beginning of 'Follow Me' has my baby's heartbeat on it.''

Matt - who famously stockpiled food as he feared the world would end in 2009 after researching conspiracy theories when writing album 'The Resistance' - also admitted becoming a father has made him worry even more about the future.

In an interview with NME magazine, he said: ''Becoming a father has made my songwriting a bit more focused. I don't think it's affected my concerns and fears and anxieties. If anything, the concerns for the future are amplified.''

Another track on 'The 2nd Law', 'Madness', is inspired by Matt fighting with Kate and having to go to her mother Goldie Hawn's house to apologies.

He explained: ''It's like you've had a fight with your girlfriend and she goes off to her mom's house for the day and you're on your own going, 'What did I say?'

''I'm sure a lot of blokes have that experience in the early stages of relationships where you go, 'Yeah, she's right isn't she?' ''

Matt's bandmates also admitted the singer hates the attention that comes with being in a high-profile relationship and they are surprised he hasn't yet lashed out at photographers.

Dom Howard said: ''I'm surprised he hasn't smashed someone's camera with a golf club yet. He did start carrying a golf club at one point. I'm surprised it didn't make him crack and do something that was going to end up putting him in court.''