Jewish reggae star Matisyahu's acting career stalled when he adopted a Hasidic lifestyle because his strong religious beliefs stopped him from interacting with women.
The King Without a Crown rapper grew a beard in 2001 and began abiding by the faith's strict principles, which banned him from watching reality TV, shaking hands with members of the opposite sex, and working on Friday evenings, a time which is reserved for the Jewish Sabbath.
The 33 year old, who currently stars in hit horror film The Possession, has since experienced a spiritual rebirth and Matisyahu admits he is finally able to find jobs that do not conflict with his beliefs.
He tells New York Magazine, "In those days, there was a time when I wouldn't leave my house with my glasses on so that I couldn't see the hot girls on the street billboards. I wouldn't shake someone's hand. I wouldn't stage dive because women might touch me.
"But it was easier to keep that in mind as a musician. You can just decide not to play on a Friday night. As an actor, there's no way you can make those kinds of demands on a studio."