Rap mogul Master P has spoken of his disappointment after his incarcerated brother C-Murder took aim at him in a new track.

C-Murder, real name Corey Miller, is currently serving a life sentence at Louisiana State Penitentiary after being found guilty of murdering 16-year-old Steve Thomas in a New Orleans, Louisiana nightclub.

His peer Lil Boosie was released from the same prison last week (05Mar14) after five years behind bars, and on Monday (10Mar14), he released a new track, Came2DaCan, which features C-Murder.

The song's lyrics include barbs against Miller's brother Master P, who now alleges the claims that he has not supported his sibling throughout his legal woes are false.

He tells Allhiphop.com, "I want to see Lil Boosie get a second chance and take over this hip-hop game... but getting on that song with C (Murder) was disappointing. Honestly, the beat was wack and outdated. He gotta know that C has a problem and we're dealing with family issues... I've made C a priority while taking care of all of our families in good and bad times, but he got more love for his friends.

"I love my brother but at times he can be ungrateful and disrespectful. I've spent millions of dollars towards his legal fees in fighting all of his cases... I know he's innocent but he needs to grow up and face reality."

Master P goes on to warn his brother against releasing rap music which could be used against him in any forthcoming appeals against his sentence.

He adds, "I told C that you shouldn't be putting out negative music while you're fighting a life sentence. They're going to use those words against you."