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Mr. Miller, saw your interview of a (re-run) on the Monique Show on B.E.T. a couple of weeks ago- very excellent.Here in Kansas City, we have according to the US Interior Department the largest known archealogical Underground Railroad archealogical site in all North America.For a very long time we have and are trying to go forward with this site: Google's Search Engine can confirm information through a variety of institutional internet sites. There are giant gaps that do not include many important areas.With your interview on the Monique show: I am convinced that YOU and the Percy Miller Foundation would be an incredible blend to well researched and positioned multi-layered cultural heritage site.We, the QUINDARO RUINS / Underground Railroad-Exercise 2010 would like and insist on creating meaningful jobs for low-income residents to help try and reduce sense-less crime, violence and homicides: by creating meaningful salaried jobs in hopes of boosting self and collective esteem.YOUR Monique Show interview was almost paralell to efforts in and with our movement for over 22 consecutive years. Please check out the ; QUINDARO RUINS / Underground Railroad-POMPEII of Kansas.And then let us / know how to reach your administration on possible next steps. This site and history has a direct heritage link to the First Kansas Colored Union Army, who many arrived from the Louisana to initate the freedom and liberty of the mid-1800's. You can also know that this email is sealed with faith and prayer, and you and the Percy Miller Foundation are saluted and appreciated in advance.Thank you,Marvin S. Robinson, IIIndependent Volunteer Researcher

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by Quindaro Ruins ...

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I at first admired Master P for coming onto the show to do, as he said, show the kids in the hood that they can break out and do anything. But his refusal to even put on the right shoes to make his performance be the best it can totally turned me off. I wish I could find a way to contact him directly. I want to tell him that in his effort to not conform to the Man he's actually being a total conformist! He looks and acts like all the other punks I come across in my business (regardless of their race, they all act and look exactly the same!). My number one employee (and probably my best friend in the world) was 13 when Reverend King was assassinated (I was 10)....she lived what P gripes about. He's too young to really know what's what and what it was like back then (thank God). Yes, there is still a long way to go(New Orleans in Katrina proved that!), but his attitude will do nothing but turn reasonable people off to the cause. He should take his lead from the likes of Jerry Rice, Terel Davis, Twista, just to name a few. If anybody knows how to make sure my and many other messages get to P, please make sure it happens.....he could do so much good. My employee saw his son at Gay Pride last year and says Lil Romeo's attitude is nothing like his dad's......maybe P should pay attention and learn from his son!!!!!

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by laserlady

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The only reason why i watch dancing with the stars, is because of master p! the first time watching it, i had no idea that he was one of the dancers until he came on. i am now a total fan of his. because everyone else seems to want to discourage him, the fact that he is trying and having a good time, i would love to see him prove all of you wrong. im a total metal head, but master p is now one of my biggest fans. master p you rule, and continue to do what your doing. much support and all the luck you deserve. your newest fan naughtylildiabolica

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by diabolica

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Having watched Master P for 2 weeks on "Dancing With the Stars", I am extremely disappointed in his overall performance and attitude.Master P is arrogant and rude, as evidenced by his comments during the show. He is totally disrespectful to his professional partner, in spite of the fact that she is obviously trying hard to pull him along. The fact that he opened the gift of dancing shoes from her and immediately threw them on the floor and kicked them away is an example of his total uncaring attitude. Shame on him!Master P's less-than acceptable, clumsy performance and refusal to adher to general guidelines indicates that he has no business advancing to the next week. This is just an example of reinforcing bad behavior. How sorry it is that the public had the audacity to actually vote for him! I am sorry for his partner.I will continue to watch "Dancing With the Stars", only to see how long it will take seemingly intelligent people to get rid of this undeserving participant. It should have happened after the first week.

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by osjonessr

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