The actress Mary Tyler Moore is set to receive a Life Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild later this month, according to a report from The former star of The Dick Van Dyke show in the 1960s received a standing ovation at fellow actress Betty White's 90th birthday celebrations, which were aired on NBC on January 16th, 2012. White was the recipient of the very same award in 2009. Dick Van Dyke himself is scheduled to present Mary Tyler Moore with her award at the ceremony, which takes place on January 29th, 2012.
Tyler Moore featured in the popular Dick Van Dyke show, which ran between 1961 and went on to star in her own TV show too. The programme was a huge success and became a staple of America's Saturday night TV viewing. In 1981, she was nominated for the Best Actress award for her leading role in Ordinary People. This highlight of her career saw her share screen time with Donald Sutherland, whilst Robert Redford sat in the director's chair. In May last year, Mary underwent surgery to remove a benign tumour on the lining of her brain.
The Life Achievement award is bestowed upon an actor or actress "outstanding achievement in fostering the finest ideals of the acting profession" and has previously been won by Julie Andrews, James Garner and CLINT EASTWOOD.