Mary McCormack'S pregnancy will be written into hit TV series 'In Plain Sight,' it has been confirmed by USA Network.
Mary Mccormack, star of USA network's police drama 'In Plain Sight' is expecting her third child with husband Michael Morris, a producer on the show 'Brothers and Sisters.' They already have 2 daughters.
The series, which has been running since 2008, is now in its 4th season. MCCormack is a seasoned veteran in hit US drama, already having starred in The West Wing and Murder One. In Plain Sight saw her take her first lead role as a tough talking federal Marshall responsible for relocating witnesses in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
According to USA Today 'Over the course of Season 4 of In Plain Sight.we'll see how Mary's pregnancy will affect her job, her relationships with her partner, her sister and ultimately, with the father of her child.'
MCCormack joked with People magazine about the effect of her pregnancy on her high action role of Marshall Mary Shannon: "The upside of being knocked up along with my character - no need for stunt boobs."
Season 4 of In Plain Sight premiers on May 1 at 10 p.m. ET