WEEDS star Mary-Louise Parker tried marijuana for the first time at the age of 45, after a friend convinced her it would cure a bout of sickness.
The actress, who plays a drug-dealing mum on the hit show, insists she never touched the drug as a teenager - but she succumbed to temptation after someone gave her some pot-laced lollipops.
Parker tells Vanity Fair, "I didn’t smoke, it was a lollipop.
"I was at a party, and I’d been kind of sick recently. I was in the hospital and on some really heavy antibiotics. But I went to this party and I was in the bathroom the whole night, on the floor. I was just so ill. Somebody at the party was like, 'The only thing that’s going to help your nausea is marijuana.' And... I remembered, somebody had given me a pot lollipop.
"We did something about pot lollipops on Weeds. But those were props, obviously. Then somebody gave me some real ones. People give me pot all the time. I put them up in my closet, on the very, very top shelf, where I keep all my shoes, just so my kids wouldn’t find them. I don’t need that."
But Parker's experiment with the pot lollipop left her unimpressed: "My entire life, I never wanted anything to do with marijuana. So when I was sick, I was like, 'What the hell?' I was actually kind of excited about it. I was like, 'Oh my god, I’m 45 and I’m having my first pot experience!' But it did nothing.
"I didn’t feel anything! I mean, I still felt ill, but I didn’t get any of the happy effects you’re supposed to have. I don’t know, maybe the lollipops went bad.
"I licked it. But somebody told me that you need to eat it. Somebody quite famous who grows his own, he told me I should be eating it. But at this point, I feel like “Why bother?” I gave it a shot, it didn’t work. I’m over it."