Mary-Louise Parker drove into a wall while filming 'RED 2'.

The actress - who reprises her role as Sarah, the girlfriend of Bruce Willis' Frank Moses in the new film - reveals she's a ''terrible driver'' and was made fun of on set after crashing a car while shooting an action sequence.

She recalled: ''I'm a horrible driver and I don't drive at all really, ever, and the one scene where [Bruce's character] let me drive, or asked me to drive, I drove straight into a wall.

''The director put it on a loop and watched it over and over because it was so funny. They don't trust me to even pull out of a parking spot.''

As well as struggling behind the wheel, the 'Weeds' star admits she found it difficult to handle the chilly temperatures in many of the film's European locations.

She told BANG Showbiz: ''The most challenging for me honestly was just the cold, because [my character's high] heels I'm sort used to; I wear them quite a lot for my television show and I kind of like them. There were many times when I was sort of overwhelmed with the cold. That for me was the only part. The heels were okay.''

'RED 2' is in cinemas on August 2.