‘The Great British Bake Off's’ Mary Berry was reportedly left shocked and dismayed by the antics she witnessed at the National Reality TV Awards.

The judge attended the ceremony on Thursday to pick up the award for Best Television Chef, but was left feeling a little out of place among the stars of ‘Love Island’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.

Speaking to The Mirror, presenter Lizzy Cundy, who was seated at the table next to Mary said: “I was very surprised to see Mary there. She was dismayed at the chaos, her eyes were popping out like the snake from the Jungle Book.

“I think she was wondering what the hell was going on. She didn’t know who anyone was. I think she was shocked at all the outfits, but she kept on smiling. It was an eye opener for her.”

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The 81-year-old judge did happily pose for photos with guests, including Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, however an insider told The Sun that Mary instructed the reality star to keep covered up.

“She was shocked by the amount of cleavage Aisleyne had on show and even told her to keep her top closed,” the insider said. “Aisleyne found the whole thing really awkward but was just pleased to have got a picture with Mary.”

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“Mary was the standout star compared to the likes of Chloe Khan, Laura Carter and Zara Holland, who are known for having sex on TV,” they added.

“She made a conscious effort throughout the night to keep her distance from the wannabes and was shocked by their risqué outfits.”