The Great British Bake Off came to an end last night in a finale that was watched by millions across the nation, who will have to think of something else to do with their Monday evenings now the show is over. We went into the final episode with the race seemingly won already by the constantly teary Ruby Tandoh . However a surprise winner emerged from the pack to take home the GBBO crown this year; Frances Quinn.

GBBO Finalists
The finalists put up a good fight in the last episode of the GBBO

The three finalists, Frances, Ruby and Kimberley Wilson, began the hit BBC show with a signature bake, their task to be as creative as possible as they put together their savoury picnic pies. Both Kimberley and Ruby opted to got for a basket-shaped pie, with Ruby going for a vegetarian option, whilst Kimberley filled hers with chicken and pork. Kim's creation even had little pink pigs on the pastry too! Frances on the other hand went for something a little more adventurous and created a rainbow picnic pie, made from trout, rice and vegetables. Both Kimberley and Frances were given positive comments from the judges, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, but it was Ruby who impressed the pair the most as she was commended for her vegetable bake. With Ruby in the early lead, next up was the technical bake.

On the second challenge Frances, Ruby and Kimberley were given the task of creating 12 pretzels- six sweet and six savoury. It was Kimberley who came away from the second challenge as the winner, with Frances struggling the most of the three. This didn't matter though, because the showstopper challenge - a three tier wedding cake - belonged to Frances.

GBBO judges and hosts
Hosts Mel and Sue and the two judges were thoroughly impressed by all three performances

The eventual winner created a Midsummer Night's Dream cake consisting of three different flavoured cakes, all of which were commended by Mary and Paul. Having shown off her creativity when decorating her cakes in the past, Frances' showmanship was present in the finale too as she decorated her cake with vegetable confetti. Kimberley decided to add a touch of individuality with her wedding cake, showing off her calligraphy skills with the piping bag, however her presentation ultimately left the judges disappointed. Ruby's comments were lukewarm, as her presentation was deemed average at best, although her flavours were commended.

The three finalists sat with friends and family as they awaited hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins to reveal the winner, and it was Frances who was crowd this season's GBBO champion. Described as "the most creative baker to ever set foot in the tent" by the hosts, Frances may not have been the favourite to win, but her efforts in the final episode by far made her the worthy winner. Congratulations Frances Quinn!

The Great British Bake Off
The Great British Bake Off will air on BBC 1 next season