The Wolf Of Wall Street is under fire yet again as it's branded the most expletive-ridden film to ever have been released.

The Wolf of Wall Street
DiCaprio and Scorsese have found themselves stringently defending the new movie

Martin Scorsese's new drama starring Leonardo Dicaprio has taken a serious battering since its release on December 25th 2013, with complaints of its apparent glamorisation of the debauched and criminal antics of real life fraudster Jordan Belfort, and many suggesting that Scorsese had nothing insightful to offer throughout the flick. 

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It's no wonder many people found it hard to swallow as it has now been revealed in a Wikipedia list as the movie which uses the F-word most frequently, aside from pornos and a 2005 documentary entitled, 'F**k'. According to the list, an F-bomb was dropped a whopping 506 times in just 179 minutes; that's equal to approximately one every 20 seconds (though I'm sure it felt like more).

Beneath 'TWOWS' came Spike Lee's 1999 thriller Summer of Sam and then Gary Oldman's 1997 drama Nil By Mouth. Scorsese had a few others high up in the list too, including 1995's Casino and the Academy Award winning Goodfellas.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio plays real life fraudulent stockbroker Jordan Belfort

Still, you can't say we weren't warned. Sky News reports that Scorsese told fans at the Marrakech film festival, 'The language is very tough in that film, but not as bad as 'Wolf Of Wall Street', my new film. Much worse, much worse. I mean, they're making money.'

Watch the trailer for 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' (no F-bombs included):