Funnyman Martin Lawrence has started working out regularly in a bid to keep his blood pressure in check.

The Bad Boys star learned he was dealing with high blood pressure during a recent visit to his doctor and decided it was time to start looking after himself.

He says, "I'm just working out, exercising every now and then, every other day, and just eating right.

"I have to get my blood pressure down... but I still got the gut (belly) though. All this looks like pudding right now... but it's good; gives your lady something to hold on to. They can pat it too."

But Lawrence tells U.S. chat show host Conan O'Brien he'll never become a gym fiend, who works out daily and takes on hardcore exercise routines, like running in a sweatsuit.

He adds, "I don't do that no more (sic). I did that and went into a coma... Do not run in a plastic suit, do not do that... I was trying to lose weight and I used to box and that's how I trained, running and wearing plastic.

"I picked the hottest day of the summer and the next thing I know I was asleep on the ground."