Martin Freeman's partner says he's not a ''typical'' actor.

Amanda Abbington has revealed she admires the 'Sherlock' star's decision to turn down work he doesn't think is right.

She said: ''I'm just dead proud of him. He makes brilliant choices as well - he's turned things down because they haven't been right and I think: 'Oh God, I would take everything.'

''Whereas he's careful, he's discerning. He's not your typical actor - he mulls things over. He has good morals, and I admire that.''

However, Amanda has admitted she has no idea about her husband's latest project, starring alongside Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr in the new Marvel movie.

She shared to The Observer magazine: ''I don't really know much about Marvel. Joe [their son] loves all that stuff, but I ask Martin about it and then I cloud over.

''I think he's part of the government - he has to do a lot of stuff into walkie-talkies. He says: 'I have to order Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr round all day,' and I'm like: 'Oh stop name- dropping, stop it.'''