Scottish singer Marti Pellow has opened up about his memories of Reg Presley following The Troggs frontman's death on Monday (04Feb13).

Pellow's band Wet Wet Wet took a cover of Presley's track Love Is All Around to the top of the charts in 1994, and the frontman recalls meeting the Wild Thing singer.

Speaking on Britain's The Alan Titchmarsh Show on Thursday (07Feb13), he says, "I had phenomenal success with Love Is All Around. I remember the first time Reg came to hear it, when we were in Glasgow about to embark on a tour, and we played this song and he had a wee (small) tear in his eye...

"It just goes to show you the beauty of that song. He wrote it in the 60s and it's a song that's not about yesterday, most importantly it's about tomorrow. It's a song that many people have embraced in their hearts and it's a real testament to the beauty, not only of him as a singer-songwriter and as a person, but we have these beautiful songs to remember him by."

Presley, 71, lost his battle with lung cancer at his home in Andover, England.