R&B star Marques Houston will always have a strong bond with old pal Brandy after a sneaky childhood prank almost got them shot.
The Clubbin' hitmaker befriended fellow singer/actor Brandy as a teenager when they were both rising stars and they would frequently hang out together, but one late night joke on an office employee almost ended in disaster when the worker pulled a gun on the pair.
Houston tells Vibe magazine, "Brandy Norwood and I always bring this up whenever we see each other - we say we almost died together.
"It was an old office building and there was a guy who had a back office. He was working real late one night and we scared him. We kept sneaking around to the window and tapping on the back and he actually came out with a gun and had he not seen it was us, we probably would have gotten shot!
"That’s one of the sneakiest or most mischievous things I’ve done when I was young."