Marlon Wayans was desperate to work with Bill Murray in 'On the Rocks'.

The 48-year-old plays Dean in Sofia Coppola's comedy-drama, a husband who is tailed by his father-in law Felix (Bill) and wife Laura (Rashida Jones) as they try and catch him having an affair and says he was sold on the movie when he heard the 'Groundhog Day' star was involved.

Marlon said: "To work with one of the all-time greats. I had to do this."

The star and co-creator of the 'Scary Movie' film series revealed that he admired the way Bill was able to switch between comic and dramatic roles.

Marlon explained: "(I really loved) his transition from wild, broad comedy to great dramatic work and dramedy. 'Lost in Translation' is one of my favourite movies; his performance is funny but subtle. He is one of the most brilliant actors of any generation."

Wayans hopes to get a chance to work alongside stars such as Murray, Eddie Murphy and Tom Hanks and is determined to change his approach to do so.

In an interview with The I Paper, he remarked: "I've got to be more consistent in my choices and more aware of the film-makers I work with."

Marlon also dismissed concerns that 'White Chicks' hasn't aged well since its release. The 2004 flick sees Marlon and brother Shawn star as two FBI who go undercover as white women to solve a kidnapping case but he feels that movies shouldn't be afraid to poke fun at people.

'The Wayans Bros.' star told the I newspaper: "I actually think a movie like 'White Chicks' is needed today.

"We need to laugh at ourselves more. A good job is when the people you make fun of laugh about it. What's great is the people who love 'White Chicks' the most are white chicks. It's an enjoyable movie for every race and gender."