Marlon Brando initially rejected his OSCAR-winning role in The Godfather, because he thought the film glorified the Mafia.

The actor, who died last year (04), threw a copy of Mario Puzo's novel at his assistant after she suggested he read it - Brando's friend Budd Schulberg tells Vanity Fair magazine.

Brando reportedly shouted, "For the last time, I won't glorify the mafia!"

He later warmed to director FRANCIS FORD COPOLLA's advances and eventually agreed to screen test for The Godfather even though studio executives were wary after the problems he caused on the set of previous project MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY.

Winning the Oscar in 1973 for The Godfather revived Brando's stuttering career, but he angered the Hollywood establishment by sending a native American girl to the award ceremony to refuse the honour on his behalf.

02/02/2005 17:41