Screen legend Marlon Brando owes nearly $20 million (GBP11 million) and has hidden his two Academy Awards from debt-collectors - according to a new book about the actor.

BRANDO IN TWILIGHT by PATRICIA RUIZ claims the APOCALPYSE NOW actor is living in a one-bedroom bungalow on government benefits and has stashed away the Best Actor OSCARs he won for ON THE WATERFRONT and The Godfather.

The book also claims Brando's former maid CHRISTINA RUIZ is threatening to reopen a $100 million (GBP55 million) lawsuit against the actor because he has broken agreements to pay $10,000 (GBP5,500) a month to support her three children, including Brando's ten-year-old autistic son TIMOTHY.

Author Ruiz claims Brando spent vast sums of money trying to defend his son CHRISTIAN, who killed his half-sister CHEYENNE's boyfriend DAG DROLLET in 1990 - but Christian was jailed for manslaughter, leaving Brando $7 million (GBP3.8 million) in debt.

But Brando, who reportedly told family and friends he was ready for death last year (03), is not giving up yet - he has agreed to lend his voice to upcoming animated movie BIG BUG MAN, according to American gossip site THE SCOOP.

29/06/2004 17:55