Movie legend Marlene Dietrich was so heartbroken and angry when songwriter Burt Bacharach wed Angie Dickinson, she created voodoo dolls in the actress' likeness and stuck pins into them.

In his memoirs Anyone Who Had a Heart, Bacharach reveals Dietrich fell in love with him when he was her conductor on a singing tour in the late 1950s - but he had no romantic feelings for her.

Unused to not getting what she wanted, the movie great grew bitter when the composer fell in love with DICkinson and wed her in 1965.

In an extract from his new book, obtained by the Globe, Bacharach writes, "(Dietrich said), 'You married that b**ch! That s**t! How could you have done such a thing?'

"While Marlene was in South Africa, she had voodoo dolls made up to look like Angie and put pins in them."

Bacharach's marriage to DICkinson was doomed to fail and the couple quickly grew apart. The stars finally divorced in 1980.