Mark Wright is keen to break America.

The television presenter has been offered a chance to ''front a new pilot'' for a TV network in the US and is hopeful to have a career as big as James Corden.

An insider said: ''Mark is a natural in front of the camera and the American audience loved his cheeky persona and his Essex accent. He was chosen to front a new pilot by a TV network in the US who are keen to see if they can get him back on screen. Obviously the dream would be to become as big as his pal James Corden, who landed his own chat show out there on CBS.''

And the 33-year-old star is keen for his wife Michelle Keegan to move to the US with him if it all works out as they spent so much time apart when Mark worked in the US before and Michelle filmed 'Our Girl' in South Africa.

The source added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''Mark and Michelle have the strongest bond and support each other's dreams.

''If the right chance did come up they'd see if they could make it work but they would never want to live apart for long periods again. For the moment they are just hoping this pilot makes it overseas as that will help build Mark's profile in the States. Anything that comes from it is a bonus and they will make the decisions as and when they come.''

Meanwhile, Mark previously revealed he is relishing ''being together'' with Michelle during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mark said: ''After years of having a long-distance relationship, I'm now locked up with the girl of my dreams. We used to spend all our time on FaceTime calls and talking for hours on the phone in different time zones, but now we are together every minute of the day. It's nice to just sit together in the evening in front of the TV without having to worry about rushing off.''