Mark Wright wants to launch his own set of gyms.

The former 'Only Way Is Essex' star is reportedly keen to own a set of fitness establishments and has trademarked his brand, Train Wright, in multiple fitness avenues including for gyms, sports equipment and books and DVDS too.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''Mark wants to trademark the name for gyms, plus online tuition, books and DVDs, as well as for clothes and sports equipment. He filed the papers in June.

''Once approved by the Intellectual Property Office, it will mean he is the only person who can use his name. It will prevent others from using 'Train Wright' to cash in on his fame and status to make money.''

Meanwhile, Mark had previously admitted he has had some tough days in lockdown - owing to the coronavirus pandemic - but he has tried to stay positive as much as possible and uses exercise to help him cope.

He said of his experiences: ''I'm lucky enough to say I don't suffer from any serious mental health issues, although everybody - I believe, I hope it's not just me - will wake up and feel a bit down, a bit negative about life, even when there's no reason to. Lockdown brings that on more because there's more time to think, less time out of the house.

''I do worry for people who suffer from mental health issues in a more serious way and I hope things get better. What works for me is training.''

Mark also appreciates nights in with his wife, Michelle Keegan, more.

He added: ''I've used alcohol a lot more sensibly ... That'll definitely be a habit I take forward in life: the idea of smashing shots doesn't really appeal to me, but a lovely dinner with my wife and having a glass of wine appeals a lot more.''