Mark Wright is set for Hollywood success.

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star will travel to Los Angeles next month to begin six weeks of filming on a secret new project, after signing up with Piers Morgan's and Ryan Seacrest's agent.

He wrote on twitter: ''On the way 2 the west end 4 a nice bit of dinner with my management@roarglobal 2 talk and I suppose celebrate for my exciting news 4 2012 x

''A lovely meal with my management @roarglobal & my new american agent @Ferretmorgue at nobu 1 thing. Hollywood wrighty is coming 2 town

''Rolling in Arua right now. In 4 weeks I'll be filming in L.A 4 6 weeks and u guys r guna love it !! P.s so am I (sic).''

It is thought that the 'Take Me Out: The Gossip' presenter will relocate to America for two months but will stay for longer if his initial filming is successful.

Mark has previously revealed his ambitious film star plans, claiming he wants to be the next James Bond.

He said: ''My grandad told me before he died that if you don't reach for the stars you won't get there. I want to be James Bond one day. Nothing fazes me. I want to be a massive Hollywood actor.''