Mark Wright says Kim Kardashian is the celebrity who surprised him the most.

The 36-year-old TV presenter interviewed Kim when he was working for 'Extra' in Los Angeles and he was shocked by how approachable and friendly she was.

Speaking on the 'Saving Grace' podcast, he said: "When people ask me who surprised me the most, I say Kim Kardashian. She was amazing. Our camera crews were setting up and someone called her in and she came in on her own without a team or anything.

"We weren't ready and my producer was really worried and she goes 'that's ok, I'll just sit here'. So she sat with me for about 20 minutes just talking about life, my family, where I was from. Started the interview and every time I saw her after that, she knew who I was instantly, lovely lovely down-to-earth girl."

Mark has interviewed Kim's friend Paris Hilton "a couple of times" and said she "is actually a nice lady". He added: "You don't become that rich if you're not smart."

Mark also revealed he never gets star-struck when interviewing celebrities but admitted he felt "proper weird" when he randomly spotted Jennifer Aniston in a bar once.

He said: "That made me feel proper weird but when you're interviewing people, you don't really feel like that."

Despite all of his success, there are four celebrities he never interviewed and he hopes to one day get to meet them.

He said: "I interviewed everyone except the famous four as I call them. Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio. If I could tick off those four, that's it."

Despite starting his career on a reality TV show 'The Only Way Is Essex' and interviewing many reality stars, Mark wouldn't like to have a docu-series about his own life.

He explained: "If the premise of the show if your life and having to create those dramatic moments through your life, that's why I left 'TOWIE' so quick, I was only on it for 10 months. I struggled with the idea that to create a good scene, I had to do something with my personal life to make that happen."