Mark Wright thinks fame has made him ''nicer''.

The 'Extra' host shot to fame a decade ago when he appeared in reality series 'The Only Way Is Essex', and has said he doesn't believe fame has the power to change people, as he thinks if you're a nice person, ''fame makes you nicer''.

He said: ''My friends are the same since school. I'm the boy I always was and I think that helps with my businesses. I don't think you can force that.

''I think if you're nice, fame makes you nicer. If you're not, fame makes you worse, and that is the biggest fact of life, ever. Some people forget their friends and go off into this showbiz life.''

Mark loves his career, but says everything comes second to his friends, family, and wife, Michelle Keegan.

He added: ''I'm going to work till the day I die, because I'd never want to shut that door. Work and earning money and being successful is part of my life and it fulfils me.

''But my friends, my family and my wife are my life. Business will always come second to them.''

The 33-year-old star has been spending lockdown with his wife Michelle amid the coronavirus pandemic, and says having the chance to slow down and spend time together has done wonders for their marriage.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday's Fabulous magazine, he said: ''Lockdown has been great for me and Michelle from a personal point of view.

''We've been worried and scared about the situation, but staying together without travelling away to countries to film TV shows has been a blessing in disguise.

''I've worked from home, had dinner every night with my wife and I've really enjoyed that structure.''