When 05.12.2012

'The Fighter' star Mark Wahlberg takes phone calls and discusses his faith, his producing and, most importantly, the charity that he's involved with at CIBC Miracle Day where he is helping to raise money for children's charities.

When questioned about the rosary tattoo around his neck, he explains that he is a devout religious believer and goes to church every day. 'Faith is the most important thing in my life. Faith, family and giving back', he says. He also mentions how he joined the charity to keep children out of trouble and out of jail where he spent time in his youth. 'You know, jail's not a nice place', he recalls. 'I want to make sure that I give back and provide an opportunity for kids to not make the same mistakes that I made.' He discusses how his experiences give children more inspiration because they can identify with him and what he's been through.


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