Mark Wahlberg has been enjoying six-hour lie-ins during lockdown.

The 49-year-old actor - who has children Ella, 16, Michael, 14, Brendan, 11, and Frace, 10, with wife Rhea Durham - famously previously revealed he gets up at 2.30am every day in order to fit in prayers and breakfast before a 90-minute workout but now his work is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, he's feeling no pressure to be in peak fitness, so is staying in bed until 9am and not undertaking his first exercise of the day until 10.30am.

Speaking to Men's Health, he said: ''That's usually like my mid-afternoon lunchtime. I'm still training five days a week, but now my wife is with me. I feel like I'm a human alarm clock. I'm pushing her to get down there ...

''The rest of the day, I'm eating more and drinking more wine than I normally would. I'm just maintaining until I get the word that we might be going back to work. Then I'll get super disciplined again.''

While the 'Ted' star's sons are still very young, Mark thinks it's important they start training in the gym in order to set up good habits for the rest of their lives.

He said: ''It's funny because my kids came down to the gym today after the workout and my two sons are super athletic but they're like, 'Oh Dad, you're a try-hard. You know, all you want to do is be buff.' I said, 'You should be training right now too. You're going to want to be in shape later.''

The 'Boogie Nights' actor loves the ''challenge'' of transforming himself for a role.

He said: ''The fun thing about my job is that it's constantly forcing me to challenge myself and change.''

His highest weight has been 213lbs for 2013's 'Pain & Gain', while the following year he dropped to his lowest-ever weight and was just 137lbs when he filmed 'The Gambler'.

He said: ''I was 138lbs for 'Boogie Nights' and I had to beat that number. I went on a liquid diet for six weeks and did 200 rounds of jump rope every day.'' 213lbs for 2013's 'Pain & Gain'. ''