Mark Wahlberg is ''allergic to almost everything''.

The 'Deepwater Horizon' star took to Instagram to reveal he recently found out he had lots of allergies as he shared a picture of himself getting an allergy test.

He wrote on Instagram: ''It only took me 49 years to realise I'm allergic to almost everything.''

His pal Chris Pratt quipped back: ''I'm no doctor, but based on the inflammation near the puncture marks it looks like you're allergic to getting poked by needles.''

Meanwhile, Mark previously opened up about his eating regime, revealing he starts eating at two in the morning.

The actor takes a strict approach to his meals even though his children - Ella, 16, Michael, 14, Brendan, 11, and Grace, 10 - think his eating habits are ''disgusting''.

He said: ''I start at, like, 2 a.m. Egg whites and Ezekiel bread with some almond butter. Then I have some Greek yogurt and a shake. And turkey burgers with sweet potato. Then I have a chicken. The kids are eating pancakes and I'm just roasting a chicken, and the whole house smells like chicken, and they are like, 'Dad, you are disgusting.' I've had all those meals already today, and I just had a tuna salad. And I'm looking forward to some whitefish in about an hour.''

And the 49-year-old actor previously admitted he finds it harder to get in shape for his films nowadays.

He shared: ''It gets harder the older you get. That's why staying in shape and maintaining it is always easier than going from one extreme to the other, heavy to getting in shape to stop­ping training and getting heavy again.''