Mark Wahlberg has donated 1.3 million face masks to schools across the US.

The 49-year-old actor's Performance Inspired brand has joined forces with Accelerate360 and marketplace and community LifeToGo to provide the disposable face masks to pupils across the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video message, he said: ''You guys have kept us healthy, safe and supplied us with all the necessities.

''Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. To show our support, my company Performance Inspired bionutrition has partnered with Accelerate360 and LifeToGo to donate 1.3 million disposable masks to schools across our great country. Every day brings a new challenge but we continue to pray for you and for your families and please know your efforts are much appreciated.

''God bless you, stay safe. Thank you and you're always in my thoughts and my prayers.''

In May, Wahlberg's family burger chain Wahlburgers donated food to front line staff working to fight the deadly virus.

The chain of restaurants partnered with Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House to hand out meals to first responders.

In a statement, he shared at the time: ''We're somewhat used to getting accolades, so it was nice to help champion for someone else and give them the credit they deserve. Not being able [to have our restaurants] fully operational these past several weeks has been heartbreaking for our entire organisation. But that hasn't stopped our commitment to supporting the communities we serve however we can.''

Meanwhile, the 'Ted' star enjoyed six-hour lie-ins during lockdown.

Wahlberg - who has children Ella, 17, Michael, 14, Brendan, 12, and Frace, 10, with wife Rhea Durham - famously previously revealed he gets up at 2.30am every day in order to fit in prayers and breakfast before a 90-minute workout but when his work was put on hold due to the pandemic, he felt no pressure to be in peak fitness, so opted to stay in bed until 9am and not undertake his first exercise of the day until 10.30am.

He said: ''That's usually like my mid-afternoon lunchtime. I'm still training five days a week, but now my wife is with me. I feel like I'm a human alarm clock. I'm pushing her to get down there ...

''The rest of the day, I'm eating more and drinking more wine than I normally would. I'm just maintaining until I get the word that we might be going back to work. Then I'll get super disciplined again.''