The makers of TV hit ENTOURAGE have denied claims by Mark Wahlberg's former bodyguard that they cast actors according to race. Entourage, which stars Adrian Grenier as a rising Hollywood star, is inspired by Wahlberg's early years in Tinseltown, when he brought his friends from Massachusetts to share his newfound fame. African-American Leonard Taylor worked for Wahlberg "back in the day" and accuses the makers of Entourage of failing to include any minority groups in the show. He tells the New York Post's Page Six column, "There are no black people on the show. There are no black or Latino bodyguards, like Mark used to have - it's a slap in the face. People always ask me, 'Why is there no character based on you in Entourage?'" However, a representative for the HBO programme, responds, "The show is only loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's experience. There aren't really any bodyguards, and as for being multicultural, Turtle (one of the main characters) is dating an African-American."