Debbie Wahlberg, the sister of brothers Mark Wahlberg, Paul and Donnie who died in 2003, was remembered in last night's premiere episode of Wahlburgers - the new reality show that centers around the boys' burger bar in Boston.

Mark WahlbergMark Wahlberg's sister Debbie died in 2004

The three famous brothers were seen looking over family photographs in the premiere, while Paul spoke briefly about his sister, who died on the same day that Mark became a father for the first time. Deborah tragically died at the age of 43 after reportedly suffering a heart attack while being treated for kidney stones - meanwhile, across the country, Mark was celebrating the birth of his baby girl Ella Rae. 

Read about Debbie Wahlberg's tragic death here. 

Elsewhere in the Wahlberg brothers' reality show, Paul is seen obsessing about expanding the burger joint in their hometown of Boston, while big-thinking Mark wants to take the business international. 

The premiere of the series opens with Paul is shown obsessing about expanding into their home town of Boston while Mark wants to go international.  

Donnie WahlbergDonnie Wahlberg Is Dating Jenny McCarthy

Mark - the most successful of the brothers - is seen being given a lecture by his mother with regards to expanding the business and the brothers eventually agree to try for international expansion.

The show ended with a trailer for next week's episode, showing brother Donnie's girlfriend Jenny McCarthy chatting with him and Paul about having a burger named after her at the restaurant. 

Twitter response to the show was almost universally positive, with one saying, "So am I the only one who teared up when Paul  spoke about Debbie @DonnieWahlberg @mark_wahlberg #SoTouching"

Another simply said: "I just watched #Wahlburgers and those Wahlberg brothers are so easy on the eyes. Totally want to eat there next time I'm home! #Bostongirl."